Animation Throwdown TQFC Hack Cheats

Animation Throwdown TQFC Hack Cheats for Android/iOS

We come back to you after a long break and immediately give you the chance to gain a huge amount of Coins and Diamonds. All this is possible with the help of our latest work – Animation Throwdown TQFC Hack. The entire process is done online. You do not have to download anything to your computer. Everything runs smoothly and seamlessly and with its support can handle even a child.


For the first time ever, five of your favorite animated shows are together in one amazing collectible card game.
Featuring hundreds of your favorite characters and moments from your favorite episodes. Collect character cards, optimize your deck, and create new combos as you fight in an epic card battle bacchanal.
*Collectible card battle game.
*Five of your favorite cartoons together for the first time ever!
*Hundreds of cards and combos featuring characters from each show.
*25 Chapters featuring moments and locations from your favorite episodes.
*Endless hours of play, provided you never stop playing.
*Challenge other players from all over the globe in the multiplayer Arena.
*Collect, upgrade, and fuse your cards to victory.
*Laugh till you drop your phone or tablet into the toilet!

Animation Throwdown TQFC Hack Cheats Online Version

Animation Throwdown TQFC Hack Cheats


* Unlimited Coins
* Unlimited Diamonds
* Clear and user friendly interface
* Childishly simple to use
* Online version (you do not need to download any tentative program for your computer)
* Without the risk of losing account
* No jailbreak or root required
* Works with Android/iOS


Animation Throwdown Hack Cheats


1. Go to Animation Throwdown Online Generator
2. Enter your Google Play/AppStore email
3. Use the slider to select the amount of Coins
4. Use the slider to select the amount of Diamonds
5. Click Generate button and wait until hacking process ends
6. Go through the process of verification
7. Reset the game
8. After a few minutes resources should go into your account
9. Maximum use of the potential of this great game


At the end we would like to remind also that each of our program before the publication is thoroughly tested. The chance that you will get from us faulty generator is minimal. However, if this happens please contact us and we will solve your problem as soon as possible.
We present to you a few tips on what you can do to improve the quality of your game in the Animation Throwdown:
– You’ll collect a large amount of cards as you play, so unless you have the auto-deck turned on, always go back to your deck and make sure that it’s filled with the strongest that you have. Keep in mind what your cards can combine with as well. On rare occasions, a common card with loads of combinations can be better than a rare card with only a few combinations.
– Common, rare, epic and legendary cards are the four tiers. The higher the tier, the stronger the card will be, and also the longer time the research will take for combinations (but the more worth-it the combination will be). In addition to the videos that increase card drop chances, you can spend your gems on rare and epic card packs.
– Quests will earn you bonuses when you complete them, so check the quests menu often to see what you can do to earn free gems, free coins and other goodies.

Animation Throwdown TQFC Hack Cheats Online Version

Animation Throwdown Online Hack Generator

If you have any questions please Contact Us

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