Battlehand – debuts on Android and iOS


Some time ago, a group of developers Fable left the studio Lionhead and founded his own company Another Place Productions. Their first work is a game Battlehand. It is a tactical RPG.

Battlehand in Google Play

Battlehand in AppStore

Production is available on Android and iOS for free with the option of micropayments. So far one knows whether the game will also appear on other platforms.

The game is full of magic and no human races, the land of fantasy known as FellCrest. The plot of the game is simple and transparent. This place is on the verge of destruction when there are evil forces. They are led by cruel and absolute Queen Amethyst. It has a powerful army of various monsters. Its aim is to destroy FellCrest. Prior to her arrival for a long time there was peace, so all the characters are retired and weapons rust. However, such an unexpected twist forces them to dust off old equipment and move it to fight.

The game is a classic tactical RPG, so the fun is mainly focused on turning, turn-based battles. During the game we have a huge amount of characters, and each of them has unique skills and attacks. The experience points you earn during the game can be used to develop our characters.

Standard battle a touch of cards. During the adventure slowly we complete your waist, allowing play effects, able to frequently change the course of battle. We can improve not only the characters but also our cards, which are gaining new levels of effectiveness. The game can roll alone in campaign mode, or compete against other players in battles network. An interesting option is also a survival mode, where your task is to survive as long as possible against endless waves of enemies controlled by artificial intelligence.

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