Boom Beach – a few tips for the game

Boom Beach

Boom Bech is a game developed by the Supercell studio, creators of two gigantic hits, game Clash of Clans and Hay Day. Boom Beach action is set on the archipelago of tropical islands. We assume the base on one of them and fight the sinister Black Guard, which has enslaved its inhabitants.

If you chose Boom Beach as another game on your smartphones and tablets then you should refer to the notes to the game prepared recently by our team. Tips Recognize as a mini guide, which necessarily must read if you want to be successful since the early days of the game.

1. Our base has only one sawmill. To get more resources you can conquer the other islands.
2. It is the beginning of cut down trees in the raw material base to save this raw material in the main database.
3. Base of raw materials can be attacked by other players. Databases can be taken up several times a day, until, in which one of the combatants will be too weak to break through the defense.
4. Never place the structures of defense alongside one another. Damage from warships operating in zones and easily be destroyed.
5. Our base every 20 hours is protected by a shield. When the shield comes to an end you will be informed.
6. At the time when we take enemy base its inhabitants become friendly towards us and they will send us gold on the boats. Base commodity send us the wood in the same way. If the raw materials are on the boats, and we are offline, they are safe because they are not yet in stores.
7. Our villagers may be acquired by the other players, then you should fight for them.
8. Once our shield was gonne, we become vulnerable to attack other players, even when we are actually in the game. When we are attacked this game will automatically take us to the login screen, where you see the time to complete the attack.
9. When we don’t have the shield, change the setting buildings is not the best idea.
10. When we attack the base of mercenaries let go of the first scouts.

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