Breath of Fire 6 will debut on mobile devices and PCs in 2016

Breath of

Capcom came out to meet the players and informed impatient when we can expect to see their latest product, Breath of Fire 6, which is a mobile production as a follow classic jRPG.

Publisher announced that the production first goes to devices operating on Android and PCs in February next year. Premieres on iOS, we can expect a month later. These dates refer only to the Japanese version. The English version will be released a bit later. I should also add that the version for PCs will be allocated primarily for touchscreens. All editions will be compatible and hold a common account.

The game takes us to the well known from previous fantasy realm. The story begins a thousand years after the young man activated the power of the Dragon and led to disaster. This tragedy has changed much of the world into a desert. The survivors, however, were able to rebuild civilization and restore the fertility of the lands. They managed to keep the peace for centuries. Unfortunately, it puts an end to this idyll emergence of a new superpower known as the Empire Insidia. They begin a systematic conquest of the entire region. One of their goals is a family village led by the player character. It shall be burned, and its inhabitants brutally murdered. Our task will be to avenge loved ones and break the destructive march of empire.

At the beginning of the game, players create your own character, choosing its gender, appearance, name and initial stats and skills. Same mechanisms combine classic gameplay solutions with jRPG floor with elements of economic strategy. Most of the time we spend exploring the world, performing tasks, developing characters and, above all, fighting against hordes of enemies. The combat system is to be rolled in real time and very arcade and play a key role in linking the attacks in combos and efficient use of controlled by artificial intelligence allies, which the game will be over three hundred to choose from.

These elements of economic strategy will be realized through the gifted hero of his own village. We’ll have to gather her resources and construct buildings, which will provide access to upgrades and items useful during the autopsy RPG.

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