Door Kickers – break down the door with a SWAT team

Door Kickers

About a year ago, the studio KILLHouse Games released an interesting strategy game for PCs. We’re talking of course about Door Kickers. The game, which allows us to manage the SWAT team was met with good reception and after a few months went on Apple devices. Unfortunately, the game was only compatible with iPad type devices. Since then a lot has changed and the game can also enjoy users with devices using android.

Version available on Android debuted last week and is available for around $ 5. This time Door Kickers is no longer only available to tablet users but also for users of smartphones with a screen larger than 5.7 inches. So if you have the right device we recommend you try the game that combines elements of strategy, tactics and action.

Door Kickers in App Store
Door Kickers in Google Play

As for the game itself. Play as a SWAT commander and our job is to perform the most difficult mission. Developers have prepared up to 80 different missions so that the game lasts for hours.

Fun is based on several factors. Our duties include selecting the appropriate equipment for our team, and then plan the whole action. After analyzing the situation, we set the direction in which they have to follow the police. The action takes place in real time, so during the game we have to take into account a number of factors, hide behind walls, use existing equipment and, if necessary pause to think about what to do next.

Door Kickers

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