Downtown Showdown Hack Cheats

Downtown Showdown Hack Cheats for Android/iOS

Hi all. Another hack is ready for you to generate huge amounts of Coins and diamonds. Downtown Showdown Hack is the latest product of our authorship. It deserves special attention because it differs significantly from the programs offered by the competition. You will ask probably what’s so special. And we’ll answer – all done through our website online.


Now normally a few words what this game (description taken from
Build a city that leads to your team’s success!
Build your own city strategically and help your team win the property battle of the century.
Attack your opponent cities for loots and HELP team to recover from the attacks.
■ Hundreds of free building to build!
■ Continuously updated selection of themed buildings to choose from!
■ VIP store full of special and rare buildings.
■ Unlimited ways to place your buildings to better defend and grow your city.
■ Place building strategically to meet your residents’ need and to keep them happy.
■ Deploy your specialists to attack, rob, vandalize your opponent cities in various ways for loots and Star Medals for the team.
■ Attack and steal their resources!
■ Place your specialists strategically to avoid cops, firefighters, and other defending units.
Visit your teammates to help them recover from opponent attacks
Chat with your teammates in real time.
Follow your teammates and always have their backs!
Developers put on a proven model that is able to download it for free from the Google Play store or the App Store and micropayments, for which we may purchase additional bonuses. This will allow us to significantly faster development of our city. So as you guessed additional diamonds give a big advantage. Therefore, these expectations out our team and offer you the Downtown Showdown Hack.

Downtown Showdown Hack Cheats Online Version

Downtown Showdown Online Hack


* Unlimited Coins
* Unlimited Diamonds
* Clear and user friendly interface
* Childishly simple to use
* Online version (you do not need to download any tentative program for your computer)
* No jailbreak or root required
* Works with Android/iOS
* No chance to lose Account


Downtown Showdown Online Hack


1. Go to Downtown Showdown Online Generator
2. Enter your Google Play/AppStore email
3. Use the slider to select the amount of Coins
4. Use the slider to select the amount of Diamonds
5. Click Generate button and wait until hacking process ends
6. Go through the process of verification
7. Reset the game
8. After a few minutes resources should go into your account


As you can see, this game is confusingly similar to another very popular game for mobile devices Clash of Clans. I think that the vast majority of you have played or are still playing in this unusually popular strategy. What am I going? The point is that in Clash of Clans, gems are extremely important. They give you a huge advantage over those not benefiting from the store. The same is true in the game Downtwon Showdown. Diamonds allow much faster development of our city. For your happiness you hit on our site, where you have at your disposal Downtown Showdown Hack in the online version. Convince yourself how easy it is.

If resources do not appear in your account within one hour, please contact us. Just send us your unique number, which you will receive after using our generator. We analyze your problem and answer maximum per day. Usually it is from 1 to 3 hours. If the problem is with our program, we will add the required resources for you manually.
Several reasons for which the required resources were not added to your account:
1. Wrong username / email
2. Exceeded the daily limit (as a reminder that it is 5 million per person)
3. Incorrect validation.

Downtown Showdown Hack Cheats Online Version

Downtown Showdown Online Hack Generator

If you have any questions please Contact Us
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