Hay Day – a few tricks to the game

Hay Day

Hay Day is a popular game on Android and iOS, where he takes on the role of the owner of the farm. Our task is to become the best farmer in the virtual world of Hay Day.

Search open treasure chests

It is a trick that works for a long time. Unfortunately, it becomes less and less effective as using it. Recommended use it up to 20 times a day. What exactly is the trick? Find the chest farms friends if they closed it enough that you tap with your finger anywhere on the screen. Then go to another friend, find the same boxes and if it is open you can take from it everything that is in it.

Hay Day

What we find in the box? Mainly these are the items that will help us to better perform our daily duties farmer. If the box is still closed this repeat the whole process from the beginning until you open the box. We can thus win the mass of free stuff, of course, until the publisher will cope with this problem.

Get more diamonds

1. Diamonds is the most valuable currency in the game. To get them you do not need to spend real money. There are several free ways. We’ll show them to you. For example: a combination game to Facebook receive diamonds every time you earn level. Players also get five diamonds for the daily log for discovering tickets for movies and watch trailers of new games.

2. Level 24 is a big turning point in our career farmer. From now on, we can dig diamonds. If we open mines and TNT, we will use it is we get more diamonds with every explosion.

3. Search for purple ticket appearing in the vicinity of the newspaper, which is delivered on our farm. By clicking on the we we can not get new diamonds.

4. Players can collect up to 78 achievements in three different levels / types.

5. Players after level 27 can also catch the diamonds. Look for boats that need repairs and fixes them.

Hay Day

Collect experience faster

Once players reach the 15th level they can collect apples from the trees on the farm and get 7 points for each experience. Search ads about apple and visit the farm. Search shaking the apple trees on them, click on it and collect experience.

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