KingsRoad – hack’n’slash debuts on Android


Late last year, users of iPads were given the opportunity to play in the mobile version of Kingsroad. Later, the title has been optimized for iPhones. The studio currently Rumble Enterteinment, founded by Greg Richardson (creators of titles such as Full Spectrum Warrior, Star Wars: Battlefront, The Saboteur), made us all a surprise and announced that KingsRoad is also available for Android devices.

KingsRoad in Google Play

Before its official launch in Kingsroad could play on a beta test. All this, of course, on devices running Android. When the tests came to an end game official debut worldwide.It is available to download for free in the Google Play Store. The creators decided to free access to the game and micropayments in the game. What you get spending real money on Kingsroad? We will get access to additional quests and campaigns – the basic contents will be able to play for free.

The idea of Rumble Entertainment studio, was putting in our hands the first such extensive action RPG. The idea of studying Rumble Entertainment, was putting in our hands the first such extensive action RPG. What they succeeded? We think so. The game offers us the opportunity to establish a guild, playing PVP mode, using the rankings system. In addition, the game is regularly supported by the developers. Various events and updates its daily.

Kingsroad available in open beta via web browsers in March 2013. The title is almost a classic hack’n’slash, where the dominant role played by chopping hundreds of enemies. The player does so in the context of larger and smaller quests, characterized by diverse objectives (eg. Treatment underworld of monsters, fight bosses, participated in the sieges).

The game lets you assign a character to one of three classes – a knight, a wizard and archer. Nobody asks, however, to stick rigidly to the rules of the profession, as a large variety of equipment, skills and well-delineated development system allow you to customize the form to your preference. Subsequent fragments of history and the world presented can explore in the company of other players, thanks to mains mode, which assists the game cross-platform (browser / iOS / Android).

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