Smurfs Epic Run – encroach on mobile devices

Smurfs Epic Run,

Fans of the Smurfs will certainly be satisfied, because we have good news for you. Ubisoft decided to just give in our hands the game Smurfs Epic Run. It is a two-dimensional platformer, which is working on the engine, a well-known series of games Rayman.

Smurfs Epic Run in Google Play

Smurfs Epic Run in AppStore

The game is available on smartphones and tablets running Android and iOS. The game can be downloaded for free. It is also worth noting that the developers decided to model with micropayments.

The story of Smurfs Epic Run begins when the crafty wizard Gargamel casts a spell that brings to Smurfs village magical fog, resulting in the imprisonment of its inhabitants. But there is one smurf, who manages to avoid a spell and it was in his role takes on a player. Our task is to salvage the village and its inhabitants.

Smurfs Epic Run is a typical platformer series runner. This means that the targets we figure downlaoded automatically runs forward, and we will be using gestures issuing commands like jump. tackle or sprinting. At the same time maps they are not infinite – instead, each is carefully designed levels, with a clear beginning and end. The campaign is very complex. Players waiting over 100 different maps that show specific locations such as village Smurfs, forest, castle Gargamel or mine.

Now short of what exactly is all the fun. The main task of the player is to further the Smurfs that the release from captivity, and in return he gets access to numerous special powers. Our adventure with the game starting with a standard, nondescript hero, but over time, when the game will devote a little more attention, we can unlock many other characters such as Papa Smurf. The creators also gave our disposal the ability to modify the look of our characters, and numerous clothing items give specific bonuses to help you play. An added attraction is the opportunity to compete with other players in the races on time within the network rankings.

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