The most interesting mobile updates (Dungeon Hunter 5, Minigore 2)

Dungeon Hunter 5,

We present the most interesting in our opinion, mobile updates that appeared last week in the Google Play App Store and Windows Store.

Dungeon Hunter 5

Very interesting proposal is a patch from the studio Gameloft for Dungeon Hunter 5. The update for this action-RPG awaited multiplayer cooperative mode for up to four players. The tasks that await us in this mode are a valuable source of raw materials, which they then use to strengthen helpers. In addition, Gameloft puts into game a new location.

Dungeon Hunter 5 in Google Play

Dungeon Hunter 5 in AppStore

Dungeon Hunter 5 in Windows Store

Angry Birds POP!

Studio Rovio accustomed to at least one update a week to one of his games. And so it happened last week. This time the Finnish band released a patch to its logical game Angry Birds POP !. What has the latest update? Among other things, 20 new levels, and the ability to play new bird Luca. It is worth mentioning also that the number of levels in Angry Birds POP! is about 450!

Angry Birds POP! in Google Play

Angry Birds POP! in AppStore

Minigore 2: Zombies

Last week, the studio Mountain Sheep celebrated the sixth anniversary of the premiere shooter Minigore. The team decided to somehow celebrate. They decided to reward the players that they had been with them for so long and to release a patch to continue Minigore 2: Zombies. What brought the latest patch? Support for 64-bit devices, increased resolution graphics and effects, introduced a dynamic lighting system, a new camera and two additional characters. In addition, increased movement speed and improved character balancing the game.

Minigore 2: Zombies in Google Play

Minigore 2: Zombies in AppStore

Sky Burger

A nice surprise for us made a big studio NimbleBit releasing an update to the already quite old so the game Sky Burger. Patch completely transforms graphic design, substituting virtually all graphic elements with new ones. In addition, significantly expanded the list of burgers and ingredients from which we make them. Players were given the option to modify your appearance and belonging to his van.

Sky Burger in Google Play

Sky Burger in AppStore

It was in our opinion the most interesting update last week. And what are your suggestions? Please write in the comments!

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