Tower Dwellers Gold – polish tower defense now for free

Tower Dwellers Gold

Tower Dwellers Gold is a Polish answer to the world famous Kingdom Rush, which for several years leads of tower defense games. Production had its premiere in late 2013. He later went through also views on devices with Android and Windows Phone. Eccentricity Games studio recently decided a little refresh their product, publishing Tower Dwellers Gold, a free version of this game.

It is interesting that in the Google Play store will find both versions of the game – paid and free. Commercial version is available for less than $ 4. On the other hand AppStore decided to remove older, the paid version, leaving only the free version. Bothering you probably question how it differs from the paid version and free version.

Tower Dwellers Gold in Google Play

Tower Dwellers Gold in AppStore

The answer to this question is simple – micropayments. Tower Dwellers Gold is available for free, but the game appeared micropayments. The game itself has not changed. What we find in the store? With the money we can gain: instant access to all heroes (who will be assisted us in the fight), or the ability to see advertising to gain a new level of strength and powerful spells.

Tower Dwellers Gold

This means that the Tower Dwellers Gold is a game of tower defense genre, in which we put the turret defending us against the advancing attackers. Unlike other this type of production, in this case the buildings are not shooting the enemies, but thanks to them we produce soldiers fighting the hordes of monsters. Streamlined buildings makes ordinary villagers turn into knights, archers, or mages. During the game also increasing their number, and in the breaks between levels of buy improvements for the stars earned during the game.

Tower Dwellers Gold

If you have not had a chance yet to play in this tower defense then you have a chance now. We certainly recommend it heartily. New review soon!

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