World of Tanks Blitz Patch 2.5

World of Tanks Blitz

Announced a few day of the update to the game World of Tanks Blitz finally saw the light of day. Studio Wargaming decided to update “tanks” to version 2.5.

World of Tanks Blitz in Google Play

World of Tanks Blitz in AppStore

World of Tanks Blitz in Windows Store

Updates as well as the basic version of the game is free and can be downloaded to mobile devices with Android, IOS and Windows 10. What awaits us in the latest update’ll see in the video below, and the rest of our review.

The update introduces the game the opportunity to cover a variety of camouflage tanks. The authors are at your disposal in our hands more than 40 designs. We can get them by completing missions. In addition, a new functionality in the form of so-called. resources, allowing members of the clan earn bonuses and special offers for everyone in their organization.

It’s not the end of news that gives us the latest update. Manufacturers give us at the disposal of the four new mission for the Japanese tanks. They are: Assault: Japan Military Academy: Japan, Domination: Japan and the Challenge of Japan. Changes also affected the skill tree. From now through tree growth can acquire M22 Locust tank. The creators also introduced a number of amendments to balance the game and removed some bugs.

World of Tanks Blitz is a game that makes a real furore on the mobile market. The game develops in a gigantic pace. Tanks entered the mobile market in 2014 and by that time it was the month in which the creator is not added to new things. Such a large development activity is one of the reasons for which the production turned out to be a surprising success. After her announcement, few people associated with this project high hopes, but in reality we received a good network shooter that with every month is getting better.

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