Worms 4 for Android/iOS Review

Worms 4

Who among us has not participated in battles likeable worms. Worms is a classic, that knows almost everyone. Brave worms lived to see many games with its participation on various hardware platforms. Recently to this extensive collection joined Worms 4, which is available on smartphones and tablets. We decided to play a bit in it and describe our experience.

If someone had somehow not been in contact with a series of worms – a brief description of the game. The different views are the turn-based strategies in which the player takes control of a team of heavily armed worms and the main task is to eliminate the opposing team. We have various kinds of weapons. You can play alone or with others.

Worms 4 of the above-mentioned mechanisms transferred to mobile devices. We have to admit that it worked out pretty well. We did not notice any significant changes, merely reduced the scale of the game. And it means so much that teams are made up of fewer worms. Have changed the location for single player, which is a little smaller. An interesting new feature is the possibility to improve currently held by the worm weapons. This increases their power and effectiveness.

Playing in Worms 4 does not have time to get bored. Creators have provided a lot of entertainment. We choose the solo mode (with more than 80 missions to choose from), daily challenges, networking events, and three multiplayer options. As for the multiplayer mode – two allow you to battle against the AI together with a friend on the same device and take part in a challenge with another user, but in cooperation with a friend (also on the same hardware).

Theoretically, the most interesting is the third network mode – Faction Battle. At the beginning of the game we stand after one of the two sides (red or blue). The game constantly monitors the achievement of all users and to compute which faction gains the upper hand, and in addition you can play a direct clash between the representatives of both groups. Unfortunately, we can not say anything more about this mode. We did not have the possibility of playing a single game in this mode. This was due to problems with servers and a lack of opponents. In our opinion, this is a considerable downside.

Another aspect that leaves a bad taste disputes are micropayments. As we all well know, we are the big opponents. The game costs almost 5 euros in the AppStore. In addition, the developers in exchange for real cash offer the opportunity to buy additional items.

Because of the sentiment series, Worms 4 is a game worth recommending. For people who want to have bugs on their smartphones is a very interesting position. We also hope that the developers will take care of Faction Battle mode, because as we mentioned above, it is in our opinion the most interesting mode.

Our rating – 3,5/5

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